While I have this plan I don’t actually live by it all the time. I usually stick to the calorie limits but I tend to mix it up. This is just an idea of what my day to day eating habits are like (when I’m not b/ping).

Typical Day:


  • 50g 0% fat Greek yoghurt
  • 25g Alpen muesli 
  • 3g pure honey 
(133 calories)
  • None.
(0 calories)
Dinner: A selection of…
  • butternut squash soup (150 calories)
  • country vegetable soup (90 calories)
  • orzo pasta and roasted tomato salad (220 calories)
*Dinner tends to vary.*
Daily Total (Plan): < 400kcals
Daily Total (Limit): 500kcals
The Rules:
  • No “bad” foods allowed, with the exception of “fat day.”
  • Only one fat day per week.
  • If the option for a fat day is taken, a day of fasting must be carried out as penance, preferably a Sunday.
  • No liquid calories
  • Consumption of alcohol qualifies as a fat day.
  • When dining out, the only options are salads or meal for which the estimated calorie content is stated. This figure must not exceed the daily limit - excluding on fat days.
  • With regards to purging, if a fat day is successfully purged, a fast day is no longer necessary. Instead eat half calories. 

NOTE: A list of “bad” foods can be found here

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